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call us on 011 840 6000 | HRS Assist 0861 111 477

About us

IMBANI HRS Insurance Services was established in 1991 and the company has grown exponentially over the years, both organically as well as through strategic acquisitions of similar businesses, with a whole today that is far greater than the sum of its former parts.


Imbani HRS’s team of 40 staff members include several of South Africa’s most experienced and highly qualified insurance consultants and brokers who are specialists in their elected areas of expertise. Imbani HRS is therefore suitably qualified to offer expert advice across multiple platforms and disciplines – including personal, business, medical and life insurance to financial planning, wealth creation and preservation, as well as legacy planning. In short, Imbani HRS gets your ducks in a row.


We endeavor to connect with our clients, by partnering with them in their lives and businesses.

It’s this philosophy that has led to the development of partner offices in Lenasia, Soweto and Durban. These offices ensure that a part of our vision to move our unique insurance offering closer to where our clients live and work is fulfilled.

This is all part of our vision to make insurance personal again. It also fulfills our long term legacy and business plan to empower the next generation of insurance consultants to reach their full potential and enables them to leave a legacy of their own.